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CNG Clean Energy in the Accra región

Compressed Natural Gas fuels thousands of companies daily across all industrial sectors in the world, from breweries, steel companies, food processing companies, and more who relied heavily on residue fuel oils (RFOs) or diesel. Try it with Us!

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We deliver Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) from our committed suppliers to buyers within the Greater Accra region.

We are a locally registered gas trading company that is developing a 12MMscfd gas compression and treatment plant in Tema to supply gas for industrial use. 

Our project is located about 2km from the Volta River Authority (VRA) regulating and metering station. Our gas compression facility will receive natural gas procured from Ghana National Petroleum Commission through the VRA regulating and metering station in Tema.

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CNG is Cheaper than Diesel.

Cleaner Than Diesel.

Environmental Friendly.

Financially beneficial

Is a Scalable Alternative.

Your machines will be Less Noise

You get Longer Lifespan for Equipment

Less Maintenance needed.

Let our (CNG) Compresed Natural Gas, Clean Energy’s full-service team guide you through your transition

GASTEC approach

What we do

GASTEC delivers (CNG) Compressed Natural Gas in the Greater Accra region. We promote the use of clean energy in industrial applications.

The gas is compressed to 250bar and delivered to customers in Accra and Tema through a virtual pipeline network (Tube Trailers).
Our target market includes industrial entities that rely heavily on residue fuel oils (RFOs) or diesel.
This includes the following: Breweries,Steel Companies, Food processing companies, and yours…
Any other industry that relies heavily on RFO or Diesel.


Unlock the potential using compressed natural gas

Our main objective in GASTEC is to increase demand for natural gas and promote the use of clean energy in industrial applications. Our Virtual Pipeline Technology unlocks the potential to use natural gas. A clean and cheap energy source, where size and location will not allow the use of traditional pipelines.

Our Process

The problem

(Lack of cheap clean energy) Most manufacturing industries require thermal energy for heating.

Current source of energy is RFO or Diesel is expensive currently at $14/MMbtu 
RFO is subsidized but still expensive currently at 12.50/MMbtu
Consumers complain about contamination of RFO fuel. 
Contaminated fuels increase OPEX and reduces revenue due to down-time losses.
Purity of RFO and Diesel not suitable for food production and processing

The Solution

(CNG) Compressed Natural Gas: a safe and clean form of energy that has safety advantages compared to LPG, gasoline, diesel, or RFO: 

It is non-toxic and non-corrosive. 
It has no potential for ground or water contamination in the event of a fuel release.
CNG is less combustible than most other fuels and has fewer health risks associated with it. 
CNG is lighter than air and will dissipate if leakages occur and would not burn in concentrations below 5% or above 15% when mixed with air.

Advantages of cNG

CNG a is cleaner source of fuel more efficient

15% savings in efficiency and downtime costs.
Substantial cost savings to Diesel and RFO ( 35% in energy cost).
Reliable supply and service from GNPC National Gas Aggregator (3 gas fields).
Pricing components passed through per LDC default.
Lower Emission and “Carbon Foot- print” reduction.

Where sustainability goals become realitY

Let our Clean Energy’s full-service team guide you through your transition to CNG. Contac Us.


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