(CNG) Clean Energy Movement

CNG Movement

GASTEC Is in the business of supplying compressed natural gas to industries located in areas where location and size do not make piped natural gas feasible.

Our main objective in GASTEC is to increase demand for natural gas and promote the use of clean energy in industrial applications. Our Virtual Pipeline Technology unlocks the potential to use natural gas. A clean and cheap energy source, where size and location will not allow the use of traditional pipelines.

He are starting works on our CNG mother station with a total installed capacity of 216scm/day. Our mother station will compris of a pressure reduction and metering stations (PRMS), and Dehydrating Skid (Dryer).

  • Gas facilities inspection and certification.
  • Gas Conditioning and Odorization.
  • Private statiosn for Fleets.
  • Compressed Natural Gas Supply Solutions.
  • CNG Gas Stations Development.
  • Gas Risk Assessment.

Natural Gas

is received from Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) through the West African Gas Company gas pipeline which is in close proxomity to the mother station and just over 200 meters away. Gas supply is expected to be constant having signed a long term gas purchase agreements with GNPC with firm supply commitments; delivery is expected to be consistent.

Our Compressors

Will operate at inlet pressure of 35-40 bar and compress gas to 250 bar. At pressure of 30 bar, an output of about 3,000 scm/hr will be obtained. Cumulatively, from the three (3) installed compressors per hour, a total output of 9,000 scm/hr will be obtained. Hence, we are well positioned to satisfy your energy needs.


Compressed Natural Gas Supply Solutions

We design, build and operate CNG Stations for public and private use. We supply CNG fuel for your industrial and automotive us.

Gas fuel conversions.

We undertake conversions of your equipment and automobiles to be able to use natural gas.

Gas Odorization & Facility Inspections

We supply gas fragrance to be assist you detect gas leaks. Know more about customer, make data driven decisions.

Our Process


GTL guarantees continuous gas supply because our CNG production facility in Tema is within 200 meter from the main Gas source, The West African Gas Pipeline Regulating & Metering Station in Tema. We Know Just What Works for Your Business.


Being in close proximity to the gas facility guarantees continuous gas supply compared to other stations that may be located further downstream. At Gas Technologies we Know Just What Works for Your Business.


In our virtual pipeline fleet, we have carrying capacities ranging from 5,000 scm to 9,000 scm per skid. This provides us with flexibility to deploy customized logistics solutions tailored to our clients needs and consumption pattern.