TEMA City (CNG) Plant

Our (CNG) Plant

GASTEC seeks to provide a turnkey CNG “virtual pipeline” solution. 

Full product suite designed to be operated as a complete, integrated system ▪ Compressor Station with Fast Fill Redundant Supply operating 24/7.
Surplus CNG Tanks and Trailers.  
Offloading/ Decanting Station (panel and trailer unloading spot).
Proactive Maintenance schedule to minimize service failures for unimpeded demand.
On-Call Utility Maintenance Staff with 24-hour access.
Uniform equipment Systems and Parts to shorten repair times.
Scalable solution that grows with your business.
Multiple safety and reliability innovations.
Natural Gas Station
Dehydration Unit
Mass Flowmeter
Tube Trailer
Mass Flowmeter
CNG Unloading Station Compressor
CNG Storage Unit
Pressure Regulating Skid

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